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Name: Astel or Astell
Meanings?: N/a
Pronunciation: "As-tell"
Nickname(s): Azzy
Previous names?: Astelliana Moonstone is her full name

Age (in human years): 20,234
Gender: Female

Relatives?: A brother that doesn't remember her.
*Any children?: Nu

Human/Creature/Monster?: She's a Wolfblood. Astel is a young adult since she is still young yet no longer considered a juvenile.

Powers/Alchemy/Magic?: She can use alchemy, specifically ice alchemy. She used to work for Dakota's archenemy, Dragio, but she quit because she didnt like being given orders. Astel doesn't really like her alchemy doh cuz she nearly killed someone by accident

Personality: Snarky, Serious, and Sassy. These are just some traits people use to describe Astel. She is very snarky and always has some sass to share with everyone. Even if she may not seem like it, she can be incredibly serious when necessary. Her snarky ass comments are not asked for but she doesn't give a fug because she sometimes does that to clear the tension. Although she may seem confident, she actually feels lost and doesn't exactly know or understand her place in the world.

*Brief History: She wont tell you her history unless she trusts you. All she will say is that she's been through hell. Right now all she wants is to be trusted by Dakota, but that's near impossible.
Lines By: Twai
Jake Doodles
You all remember Jake, right? Well, I decided to show what Jake looks like in his wolf form. XD lmao I had some difficulties coming up with a design.
I might change it in the future.

Base By: akireru
Ellie (Full Grown Reference Sheet)
Remember Ellie? Whelp, she's back! Anyway, it's been a year since I last posted something with her XD so here you go! I decided to submit a reference sheet of her when she's full grown. Info will be coming soon~

Base By: TotallyNotaWolf 
Jake the Wolfblood
Name: Jake
Meanings?: N/a
Pronunciation: "JA-c"
Nickname(s): Jakey
Previous names?: N/a

Age (in human years): 7
Gender: Male

Relatives?: No, they're either dead or they're corrupted and brainwashed by Dragio.
*Any children?: Nu

Human/Creature/Monster?: He's a Wolfblood. What they call kids that are Wolfbloods is pups.

Powers/Alchemy/Magic?: He can use alchemy, specifically fire alchemy. Dakota is planning on not just teaching him how to hunt, but to be able to use that alchemy.

Personality: Fun-loving, Outgoing, Positive, and a little cowardly. These are what others use to describe Jake. He usually is calm and can get excited when he sees something he's never seen before. Jake is positive when it comes to different situations, but tends to be a coward. He does tend to tease others for their flaws and faults, but he is by no means a jerk. It's one thing he does so he can get others to laugh and not worry about their flaws.

*Brief History: Jake, like many other pups, was one of the unfortunate ones to be born in Dragio's kingdom. From when he was a newborn, he was taught to stay in hiding. If he ever had to go outside their hiding place, he'd have to get back before curfew. Jake has heard all the stories about Dragio's soldiers picking pups off the streets and training them to be killers. Those who interfered were killed, even the families of the pups. One day, Jake's parents were killed. He was only 4, so he didn't know that. It was just him and his 7 year old brother, Max for a couple of months. Max ended up saving his brother from death when the soldiers stormed into their hiding place. Although, Max wasn't so lucky. He escaped wounded, and later that week died. His last words to his brother being, "Es mīlu tevi, brāli. Palikt dzīvs..."  Jake was suspected to have died, but when Dakota made a deal with Dragio to take the pups in his kingdom so they could live a better life, Jake was lucky to be one of the pups to be found. From then on, he lived in the orphanage, making many friends. Jake was always happy to see Dakota when she visited the orphanage every Friday to tell them stories. Now Jake is adopted by a human by the name of Diego.
Base By: XouZ
Diego Belongs To: instant-n00dles 

Me and instant-n00dles have been rping lately and I introduced Jake. I wanted to finally post what Jake looked like and I'm pleased with his look.
Strong Girl, Tough Guy
Avie & Nightshade, they were really close friends. Maybe even something more.

Base By: Kyttias 
  1. Truebloods are usually the only kind of Arcanians to rule Arcania. The only reason Lillian and Sylvia ruled at the same time, is because they both were the natural leaders. They both had good points on how to lead and both took turns finishing papers, going to meetings, and just ruling the kingdom in general. Dakota AND Squeaky (Victoria) are the descendants from Lillian and Sylvia. The difference is that Dakota is the ONLY ruler of Arcania. Reason being is because Squeaky didn't have a symbol of the kingdom. And that was wings. But she's fine with being the Beta of Arcania.
  2. Weird enough, a Trueblood's wings are a LOT bigger then a normal full-blooded Arcanian's wings. There are a couple reasons why, the most popular one being that it shows they are more dominant. A Trueblood's wings are also harder to take care of too. Preening and carefully washing their wings is a long and grueling process, but it's worth it in the end when their wings are strong and clean.
  3. ALL Truebloods have black blood. No one knows exactly why, but they just assumed that it has to do with how their genetics work. They can't have red blood, and if they do, it means they're dying. There's a couple of stages their body and blood goes through if the blood turns red. If the blood turns a light pinkish-white, then later that day/night, the Trueblood will die.
  4. When a Trueblood dies, they turn to dust. If Truebloods were mortal, their bodies would have turned to dust by the age of 1,000. The same thing goes for full-blooded Arcanians as well. After all, full-blooded Arcanians are immortal, just like a Trueblood. Fortunately, there is only 1 one to kill a Trueblood, and that's decapitation. For Dakota though, there's 2 ways. Decapitation and her herself removing the Amethyst Stone from her chest. The second way is why she's always strictly supervised by her sister.
  5. If a Trueblood ever ends up having offspring, there's a chance that the offspring will be immortal or a halfie. There's been no records of a Trueblood having a mortal offspring. The only thing closest to that is a Trueblood having a halfie. That meaning the offspring will have a much longer lifespan, but would mostly die at the age of 97,000, but not exact.
  6. A special trait that a Trueblood has, is the ability to make their eyes glow. They usually glow their eyes to comfort one another, warn off enemies, challenge another to a duel, and alert each other. There's not to much recorded on what else eye glowing is used for, but those are some examples on what they're used for. The glow usually depends on how strong a Trueblood's alchemy is. If the glow is dim, it means their alchemy is weak. Although, if the glow is brighter/intense, it means they have a high in-between alchemy. The last type of glow is if the glow id basically flames, if it is, it means that a Trueblood's alchemy is EXTREMELY strong. Squeaky usually makes her eye's glow so she can comfort her sister (Dakota) when she's in a state of pain, fear, worry, and more. Sometimes eye glowing can mean that a Trueblood is happy, excited, anxious, and/or afraid. Dakota makes her eyes glow when she wants to make a point to not mess with her, her sister, and her friends.
  7. At a certain point and time (sometimes age), Trueblood siblings will fight/duel to show who are more dominant and deserving to rule the Kingdom of Arcania. The winner will rule Arcania, while the other will either become Beta of the Kingdom, or leave to start their own colony to build their own kingdom. Sometimes the duels/fights are to the death, which is not a uncommon and rare as you would think. Reason being is because they fight/duel on instinct. Dakota has fought with Squeaky verbally, and sometimes turned into a physical one on one duel. And, as always in their duels with Squeaky, Dakota wins. Although Dakota doesn't mean to hurt Squeaky severely in the duel, she can get carried away.
  8. A Truebloods alchemy is the strongest alchemy to exist known to record. Their alchemy is most of the time used to help their Kingdom and serve for good. It can be used to heal wounds, get rid of some sickness, make nature and so much more. But if the alchemy goes haywire, even once, everything could break apart and the balance would be damaged. Although, not all Truebloods have the same level of strength in alchemy to another. All Trueblood's alchemy strength is different, sometimes the alchemy itself is different. Dakota's alchemy is impossibly strong, maybe even stronger then Lillian and Sylvia's alchemy combine. The issue with that, is that what can make it difficult to control sometimes. Squeaky's alchemy isn't that strong and can't be used like Dakota's, but she trains with her to help make her alchemy get stronger.
  9. There has been questions if this is even possible, but the question is, can a creature with magic and a creature with alchemy have an/a offspring that can wield both alchemy and magic? It is possible, but it's more then likely not possible to have such an offspring like that naturally. Even then, magic genes and alchemy genes don't mix that easily, so in order to produce offspring with magic AND alchemy, it has to be created. There has been two records of a Trueblood and a magic wielding being that have had a offspring, but it wasn't naturally. The only way they were even able to have a/an offspring is by creating it WITH alchemy and magic. There is even a alchemy and a spell here and there that can be used to help create a offspring of alchemy and magic, but the only one able to use the spells, is the soon-to-be dam (soon to be mother) that's a Trueblood.
  10. Once a Trueblood finds there purpose in their long ever-lasting life, they gain what is called a True/Final form. This form is extremely powerful and it gives the Trueblood the power to do initially anything. They could even bring the dead back to life if they wanted to. Since a Trueblood starts off as a demigod/goddess, when they get their True/Final form, they become a god/goddess. They could bring back nature or destroy nature if they chose to. A funny little fact about that, is when a Trueblood that has their True/Final form takes a step on grass and/or ground, flower and plants and so much more grow out of nowhere. If they stand for a while or move for another step, they plants and flowers will start to die (Y'know the scene in Princess Mononoke when the Forest Spirit walks into view and sees Ashitaka when he's passed out? And as the Forest Spirit walks, plants and other things grow and die? That's what I'm talking about). Since Dakota is the balance between good & evil, and life & death, she definitely needs a True/Final form.


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I have started this new Deviantart profile to share my art. One of my favorite hobbies to do on my PC is to make my stories with my OC's


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